A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 10    

street family
on a single mat …
each time
we buy another bed

the gap between us widens

space Hazel Hall - Australia
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  no husband
in my pretend house
as a child –
just me, single mother
to a long row of dolls

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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on a bicycle built
for two …
a hill
I can’t climb

space Karen O'Leary - USA
spacer brush

feet off
the ground
the little things
in life

space Mike Montreuil - Canada
spacer brush

to carry the weight
of my father's luggage
his mole hills
now mountains

space Jacob Salzer - USA
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    The mirage
of tall cliffs
across the bay
she tells me she too
is easily overwhelmed

space J. Zimmerman - USA
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