A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 9    

so many words
for winter sorrow
yet another
blank face
from the moon

space Laurence Stacey - USA
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  wheelchair patients
congregate in the hallway
so many words
dancing in my head
waiting to be set free

space Mary Davila - USA
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    mouth ajar
in the dentist’s chair
with so much to say
and no way to say it

space Keitha Keyes - Australia
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She tells me
when taking a selfie
always remember
three things –
angle, angle, angle

space Bruce England - USA
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  grass blades
swell between the fence
and weed barrier
how easily the white lie
slips from my tongue

space Cyndi Lloyd - USA
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    her pause
as she applies fresh lipstick
as if makeup
could put a better face
on her criticism

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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