A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 6    

cold winter sun
on the icy sidewalk
how quietly
we face hostility

space Esra Sarioglu - Turkey
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on the horizon
a blackened line …
I hesitate
as doubts gather

space Marilyn Humbert - Australia
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    and still I let
the past define me
on a spring-green tree
one amber leaf

space Seánan Forbes - UK
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looking at one
of my old journals
words that once
seemed important
now only a purple smudge

space Angela Leuck - Canada
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  combing through
genealogy charts …
waves lift
the sea’s life
to shore

space S.M. Kozubek - USA
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    new land
new language –
her search
for a word
for home

space Seánan Forbes - UK
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