A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 14   

singing to me
a honey-do list –
morning meadowlark

space Chad Lee Robinson –USA
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space Mark Dailey – USA
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    mimosa’s scent …
the wind blows
barely, barely

space Guliz Vural – Turkey
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zero tolerance –
the sparrows chase away
the squirrels

space Sanjuktaa Asopa –India
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  morning after         the twittering world

space Scott Mason – USA
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    spring blossom
I put on the hard hat
to leave you

space Perry L. Powell – USA
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a lemon falls
and then returns –
yellow goldfinch

space Pamela Cooper – Canada
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  sickbed –
a bird cuts through
my slice of sky

space Agnes Eva Savich – USA
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    evening grosbeaks
their many happy returns
daffodil yellow

space Autumn Noelle Hall – USA
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busy bike trail
playing chicken

space Noel Bewley – USA
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  our other tandem
is a Harley Davidson …
spring wind in our tail

space Claire Everett – UK
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    roadside shrine –
a heat shimmer stirs
her plaster skirt

space Sandra Simpson – New Zealand
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playoff game
one coach chews gum
faster than the other

space Mark Dailey – USA
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  after the game
beer in the park
… mist rolls in

space Duncan Richardson – Australia
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    a river
of brake-lights
rapids ahead

space Joanna M. Weston -- Canada
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