A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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sickle moon
wind tunes up
the reed

space Helga Stania – Switzerland
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  old foliage
the sound of autumn

space Jeff Hoagland – USA
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    as if arrows
with the pine's needles
the wind

space Tonka Lovrić – Croatia
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space Christopher Patchel – USA
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for a fallen sparrow …
autumn dusk

space Mark E. Brager –USA
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    at my log cabin
termites be not proud
a cord of firewood

space Paul J. Geiger – USA
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space Annette Makino – USA
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  strangers in a doorway
one by one we enter
the storm

space Ann Magyar –USA
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    The wind and I
shelter in its twilight
covered bridge

space Carol Purington – USA
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the wind rattles
what’s left of a window…
sickle moon

space Michele L. Harvey – USA
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  white sun
fog and morning traffic

space Iliyana Stoyanova – UK
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the trees become
a whisper

space Dan Curtis – Canada
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bitter cold
I scatter my cat’s ashes
into the creek

space Andrew Shattuck McBride – USA
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  last light
a ponderosa pine
gives up the ghost

space Robert Epstein – USA
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    early freeze
Jack O` Lanterns
losing face

space Susan Mallernee – USA
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