A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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grayscale …
evening clouds, between

space Don Baird – USA
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a flock of starlings turning
turning back

space Ben Moeller-Gaa – USA
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    a starless night
a nameless town
under it

space Dubravko Korbus – Croatia
            (trans. D.V.Rozic)
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moon-coloured clouds the gifts crows bring

space Sandra Simpson – New Zealand
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  total eclipse viewing the moon without you

space Margaret Dornaus – USA
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    clouded moon
my sister slipping
from our dreams

space Seánan Forbes – UK
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the children say
there's no man in the moon –
reaper drone

space Claire Everett – UK
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  red poppies –
one war
to another

space Jill Lange –USA
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    a black hole
amidst the milky way
... our wars

space Dietmar Tauchner – Austria
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a sprig of rosemary –
she joins us
at the chorus

space Mary Frederick Ahearn – USA
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  cold mizzling rain
the scarecrow's hanten
heavy with bijoux

space Patrick Sweeney – Japan
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    bare fields
after the harvest
gathering wind

space Ernest Wit – Poland
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the last orange
deeper in the bowl

space Dave Read – Canada
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  more rust
on the walnut trees
when to retire

space Robert Epstein – USA
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    cold front –
family members sharpen
their axes

space Judith Morrison Schallberger – USA
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