A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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summer heat
the croaking of frogs
lures the clouds

space Diana Petkova – Bulgaria
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  slow steam rising
this quiet conversation
between asphalt and rain

space Kathryn Ross –Australia
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    steaming rain –
smell of apple pie
flooding the street

space Lavana Kray – Romania
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three days of rain
lichen grow

space Steve Kuntz – USA
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  rainstorm the toddler beats the drums

space Kat Lehmann – USA
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    empty pasture...
the rains fill up
the hoofmarks

space Vidya S Venkatramani – India
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ceaseless rain
i thrash the seeds out
of a pomegranate

space Polona Oblak – Slovenia
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  apple of discord
in the fruit basket
a worm

space Gergana Yaninska – Bulgaria
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    horizontal sun
even the fabric rose
is glowing

space Rose Ades –UK
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the instant a fading cloud       isn’t

space Jan Dobb –Australia
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  Grand Canyon
a bluebird
on the rental's aerial

space John Kinory – England
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    crow flight –
our lives briefly

space Jacqueline Pearce – Canada
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sunlit pond
the cattails

space Annette Makino – USA
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  setting sun …
a bird dog's bark
empties the cattails

space Chad Lee Robinson –USA
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    around we go
down the lighthouse stairs …
summer's end

space Michael Dylan Welch – USA
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