A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 5   

my mind still
in the clouds

space Roman Lyakhovetsky – Israel
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  beyond the overhead wires clouds and outer space

space John Kinory – England
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    evening breeze –
colourful gossip
of the clouds

space Kumarendra Mallick – India
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the stretched echo of a crow's caw summer solstice

space Ramesh Anand – India
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  lily pond a torrent of brushstrokes

space Wyntirson – UK
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    lotus blossom –
only a vague sense
of who I am

space Angela Terry – USA
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discarded lilies
over my shoulder
a rising pair of swans

space Brendan Hewitt – Canada
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  red geraniums –
the rusted gutters
don’t matter

space Robyn Cairns – Australia
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    crane at dusk
the pink orchid
loses its lustre

space Tim Gardiner –England
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our gaze rising
till it reaches the sky ...
a white egret

space Weelee Hsieh –USA
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  red dragonfly
hovering overhead
a chopper whirr

space Marta Chocilowska – Poland
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another planet
looks back

space Ann K. Schwader –USA
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afternoon sun
the skeet flies

space Alan S. Bridges –USA
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at a familiar stranger

space Jacob Salzer –USA
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    sunset …
could I kindly step
out of the picture

space Christopher Patchel – USA
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