A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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whale vertebrae
drifting from one god
to another

space Nicholas Klacsanzky – Ukraine
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space Barbara A. Taylor – Australia
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    flickering candle
some of my chakras
in hibernation

space Fay Aoyagi – USA
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yoga pose
stretching the old body
into the new

space William Scott Galasso – USA
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  morning qi gong
my shadow and I
are wild geese

space Sheila Sondik – USA
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       chronic fatigue
the G-force pulling
      at this mask

space Helen Buckingham – England
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first communion –
the continuous whispers
of the fountain

space Ana Drobot – Romania
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  just in time
for the Pope's visit
fields of gold

space Rick Tarquinio – USA
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    a priest opens
the confession window –
the small cicada's cry

space Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian – Nigeria
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cirrus thinking there was time

space Phil Allen – USA
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  wind in the dunes
blurring the edges
of everything

space Kim Richardson – UK
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the path we got lost on
no longer there

space Bob Lucky – Saudi Arabia
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a bush trail
mountain ash branches
holding up the sky

space Gavin Austin – Australia
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  The miles chiselled
in a cursive script ...
late on the drovers' road

space Ian Storr – UK
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    one alpaca
in the rams’ paddock
sticking out

space Rodney Williams – Australia
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