A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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Autumn N. Hall - USA

Doubting Tomasita

Eyeballs perceptibly rolling, the checker remarks, “Allergy protection pillows—really?” Driven by some inexplicable need to explain, I tell her firstly that the pair is the least expensive package of pillows in the warehouse, then blithely proceed to share that the organic cotton covers mean fewer chemicals dumped into the soil, and that an allergen reduction layer of fabric protects against dust mite droppings. Her response, beyond the usual stare of contempt reserved for those of us who hold the welfare of the planet as dear as our own, is a matter-of-fact (if jaw-dropping) statement, “I don’t believe in dust mites. I can’t see them, therefore they don’t exist.”

Trying hard not to return a contemptuous look of my own, I can’t help but notice the crucifix dangling around her neck. I am sorely tempted to ask how exactly, if seeing is believing, she manages to maintain her faith in a guy who's been on sabbatical for over two thousand years now. But, being that this is a concealed carry county—with an estimated 85% of its adult devotees armed at any given moment—I refrain.

deep breath
lungs filling with oxygen
my faith in this
invisible implicit

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