A Hundred Gourds 5:3 June 2016

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page 8  

LeRoy Gorman


Efficiency is everywhere. Take the post office, for example. With computer technology, mail can be sorted & moved at what seems to be light speed. Of course it’s not cheap. For a premium, next-day delivery can be guaranteed. With regular postage, delivery can take up to seven days. Oddly, in the days of trains & stages, same-day delivery for a penny was not uncommon.

my new rake
the wind
still wins


When a father and his six-year son, wearing Bruins jerseys, arrive at Pearson International Airport to board a plane for a hockey game in Boston, they are stopped. The boy’s name is on the no-fly list and has been there since he was a toddler. Of course there have been assurances on previous occasions that the matter would be corrected. Still nothing has changed.

near death
a fly circles the glass
to get out

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