A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 15    

on the sky
this rainy day –
life in the bustling city
keeps me down-to-earth

space Ana Drobot - Romania
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  the cane train
trundles through town
so will you ply me
with sweet nothings
when you next pass by?

space Cynthia Rowe - Australia
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    this show
goes on and on …
the time
I waste waiting
for things to change

space Ken Slaughter – USA
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our friendship
in the moon’s glare
so many things
we left unsaid

space Marilyn Humbert - Australia
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  we gaze upon
a full moon, lying in shards
across the bay …
is there not some vague beauty
in this sadness of parting

space Kent Robinson - Australia
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    could I stop sunrise
you’d have time to come to me
could I stop moonset
the night would last forever …
we would climb the stars and sleep

space Shirley A. Plummer - USA
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