A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 11    

arcing waves
wash up and over
the sands,
filling his castle’s moat …
whoop of joy from the tiny king

space Dawn Bruce - Australia
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says my year-old grandson
pointing at me –
my shrinking cynicism
about a better world

space George Swede - Canada
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    a carpet
of floating cranberries
these jewels
in the bog's ruby crown
riches enough for me

space Debbie Strange - Canada
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if only
we raked blessings up
like leaves
to jump in them

space Autumn Noelle Hall - USA
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  my chest
fills with dried leaves
that rustle
each time I try
to say your name

space Debbie Strange - Canada
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    dry leaves
shuffle back and forth
along the street –
looking for words to explain
feelings i wish i had

space Sondra J. Byrnes - USA
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