A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 8    

silent hours
alone in the dark
I think
of all the others
awake and waiting

space Jo McInerney - Australia
spacer brush

  over cane fields
the ghost of a pale moon
keeping watch
I wait for the next pause
in your shallow breathing

space Jan Foster - Australia
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    autumn’s already
hurled down the first storm
the crowns of trees,
belting out its old song

space Patricia Prime - New Zealand
spacer brush

surgery that might
buy her a little more time …
the autumn oak
is a harp for frost,
a cello for the wind

space Claire Everett - UK
spacer brush

  a tuning fork
vibrates in my hand …
how much
am I prepared to do
to ease another’s pain

space Jo McInerney - Australia
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    the morning
of my grandmother’s
last breath …
I watch mist rise
on rooftop shingles

space Kyle D. Craig - USA
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