A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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the cat turns away
from snow's endless flurry –
my mind too
a blinding white

space Mary Kendall - USA
spacer brush

on a snowy mountain,
my unclothed self …
no pockets to carry
the answers I want

space Janet Lynn Davis - USA
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    will I fly
or trudge another path?
the pros and cons
of moving in with you

space Hazel Hall - Australia
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after promises fade
rocks repel
the crashing waves …
she tosses his letter
and shuts the door

space S.M. Kozubek - USA
spacer brush

  peeling off
the last layer
of make-up
she comes face to face
with herself

space Yesha Shah - India
spacer brush

    drawn by the light
of a silvery moon
I look to the heavens
my questions and concerns
flung to the farthest stars

space Thelma Mariano - Canada
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