A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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Faint Reflections of Light

morning mist
faint reflections of light
in a bus window


just around the corner
a glimpse of what might have been


winter’s bone
in the frozen footprints
fresh powder snow


a sudden flicker of embers
chases the night away


beyond barbed wire
a sky pierced
by endless swallows


with the last rays of sun
a journey begins in our minds


Faint Reflections of Light – Tan-renga.
Composed by Anna Maris, Övraby, Sweden
and Marcus Liljedahl, Göteborg, Sweden

Faint Reflections of Light is a short collection of tan renga written by Marcus Liljedahl and Anna Maris. It was their first joint poetry ever, which has since evolved into an intensive collaboration. They now write in both English and Swedish together.

Poems were written on December 2 and 3, during some of the darkest days in the north, just before the winter solstice 2015.

—Anna Maris and Marcus Liljedahl

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