A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 13   

winter migration
resisting the urge
to fly home

space Michael Henry Lee – USA
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  balcony sunset
the last chirp
lost in the sky

space Safiyyah Patel – UK
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    that birdhouse gourd
turned wasp nest & now
winter – you get in

space John Martone – United States
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Santa's Village
a daunting series of
security checkpoints

space Michael Henry Lee – USA
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  each time the waiting room doors open advent

space Dan Schwerin – USA
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    one distant bleat
     a zillion winter stars
        inch nearer

space Jan Dobb – Australia
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winter wind –
searching for the sweater
with the smallest holes

space Ruth Holzer – USA
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  grazing horses
the one without a blanket
stands alone

space Adelaide B. Shaw – USA
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    winter fog
on the horizon the blue
horses of Earth

space Mike Andrelczyk – USA
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winter solstice
the washer's spin cycle
ends with a thunk

space Brad Bennett – USA
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  at the church door
she curls around her dog
silent night

space Sharon Rhutasel-Jones – USA
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    lighting the trees
around our cabin
nothing but stars

space Autumn Noelle Hall – USA
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midnight carolers
the off-key harmony
of an owl duet

space Autumn Noelle Hall – USA
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  Martin Luther King Day
an egret wades deep
into the shallows

space Carolyn Hall – USA
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    winter rain
the warmth
of a tear

space Rick Tarquinio – USA
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