A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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a dreamer
she died in her sleep
falling leaves

space Ernest Wit – Poland
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  his casket
the cold clutch
of eternity

space Gavin Austin – Australia
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    empty wheelchair
the howls of grief
from my mother's dog

space Tracy Davidson – UK
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leaves fly
with the days
into dark corners

space John Rowlands – Wales
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  leaf by leaf autumn's undoing

space Alan S. Bridges – USA
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    All Souls rain
I spend my extra hour
with the dead

space Tina Crenshaw – USA
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World Kindness Day –
she offers me a show
at the Bataclan

space Christiane Ranieri – France
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  raking leaves
the collective wisdom
of ghosts

space Sondra J. Byrnes – USA
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    in the rearview mirror
the blurred face
of autumn

space Zoran Doderovic – Serbia
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COP21 –
under high security
autumn wind

space Christiane Ranieri – France
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  a guard ...
she chooses the biggest

space Gergana Yaninska – Bulgaria
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    the gloaming
a bare silver birch

space Katrina Shepherd – Scotland
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from behind
a sepia cloud
old moon

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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  morning commute
the horizon bright
with headlights

space Dave Read – Canada
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five recipes
for baked beans

space S.M. Kozubek – USA
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