A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 11   

moon on the ocean
a tear
in a mother's eye

space Robert Witmer – Japan
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  a stone's throw shimmering moon

space Joseph Salvatore Aversano – Turkey
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    moon gazing
passing storm clouds
deepen the pond

space Michael Smeer – The Netherlands
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harvest moon
tasting the light
in my bowl

space Matthew Caretti – USA
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  what I have done
what I have failed to do
harvest moon

space Johnny Baranski – USA
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    gibbous moon
the last jigsaw puzzle piece
added to the picture

space Olivier Schopfer – Switzerland
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waning moon …
another day slips by

space Nika – Canada
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  in the month of no gods even the moon goes missing

space Beverly Acuff Momoi – USA
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    night fog
every streetlight
a full moon

space Skaidrite Stelzer – USA
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city streets
pushing through the fog
a violin's wail

space Gautam Nadkarni – India
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  first frost
the rosemary

space Mary Frederick Ahearn – USA
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    traveling north
the gingko leaves
turning crimson

space Bruce H. Feingold – USA
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autumn leaves
I turn slowly
from page to page

space Jay Friedenberg – USA
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  autumn winds
dusk shifts a few stars
back home

space Lovette Carter – USA
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    the exterminator
hands me his business card …
hunter's moon

space John McManus – UK
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