A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 8   

love story
the weathered wood
of an old boat

space Jill Lange – USA
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  the wedding
the boat rocking
dark water

space LeRoy Gorman – Canada
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    wedding rituals
a young widow peeps
through the door crack

space Yesha Shah – India
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seagull’s flight
if only I had
if only I could

space Perry L. Powell – USA
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  screeching gulls
the cliff diver rises
to his toes

space Joe McKeon – USA
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    her question
when the grebe dives
I hold my breath

space Ernest Wit – Poland
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hanging on
her every word – the white curl
                                  of a wave

space Ben Moeller-Gaa – USA
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  beach walk ...
the waves breaking
our silence

space Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy – UK
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    empty crab trap
my tongue feels
the missing tooth

space Meik Blöttenberger – USA
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salt panning –
the sea waves leave behind
a bit of themselves

space Gautam Nadkarni – India
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  a new year –
abandoned board shorts
among the driftwood

space Nathalie Buckland – Australia
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    rolling surf
the white line between
twilight and undertow

space Thomas Chockley – USA
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first week of term —
crab sand-balls
pattern the beach

space Nathalie Buckland – Australia
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  the golf ball rolls
to the lip of the cup
day moon

space Garry Eaton – Canada
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    fifth inning
flying home

space Jeff Hoagland – USA
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