A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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cattails tossing and tossing a night of insomnia

space Jo Balistreri – USA
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  from the cattails into morning
                  mallards spread the news

space Ferris Gilli – USA
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    World Blood Donor Day –
even more

space Minh-Triêt Pham – France
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depression in the grass the weight of me

space Julie Warther – USA
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  midday heat
the weight
of stillness

space Rachel Sutcliffe – UK
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        a double helix
encoding sibilance
    snakes in love

space Scott Mason – USA
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a question
only the sky would answer
milkweed pod

space Brent Goodman – USA
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  channel country
a sash of sky
divides a wheat field

space Marietta McGregor – Australia
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    solar eclipse
surrounded by strangers

space Ken Olson – USA
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darkness at its deepest pitch cicadas hold the note

space Kala Ramesh – India
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  cicada heat
a stranger yawns
loud and long

space Robert Witmer – Japan
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    sultry afternoon
cicada songs
arrive in waves

space Noel Bewley – USA
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sunset –
a half of the sky

space Maria Tomczak – Poland
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  cradling an afterthought blood moon

space Shloka Shankar – India
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    gooseberry moon
lighting the bush
he was born under

space J. Zimmerman – USA
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