A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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a cuckoo sings
the darkness of leaves
before dawn

space Kala Ramesh – India
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  rain squall
I follow the man
with the FBI T-shirt

space Owen Bullock – Australia
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    West Country cemetery
            a Hardy rain
            erasing names

space Tom Dawe – Canada
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time enough for lichen to fill the letters

space Alan S. Bridges – USA
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  the certainty of south
on the she-oak

space Jonathan McKeown – Australia
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    cloudy morning
the occasional blue
of jacarandas

space Jayashree Maniyil – Australia
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rain ends –
the hieroglyphs
of worms

space Ann K. Schwader – USA
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  as heaven reinforces itself     cornflowers

space Helga Stania – Switzerland
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    along a backroad
the colourful company
of wildflowers

space Janet Howie – Australia
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wildflower reverie ...
the silence
I thought I wanted

space Angela Terry – USA
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  inadvertently compos(t)ing a lily

space Jonathan McKeown – Australia
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    without bishops
the hollyhocks
upright enough

space Dan Schwerin – USA
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the ant rests
on an acorn cap –
a faint thought

space Nicholas Klacsanzky – Ukraine
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  peace vigil
the ladybug
between her brows

space Andrew Shattuck McBride – USA
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       drifting off
in my cocoon
… crickets

space William Scott Galasso – USA
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