A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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helping out
around the house
spring breeze

space Elmedin Kadric – Sweden
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  tomb sweeping day ...
a red sun sinking
into dust

space Kyle Sullivan – Taiwan
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    long after …
our dust balls
under the bed

space George Swede – Canada
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morning sunlight
slipping through the louver
a wren's song

space Theresa A. Cancro – USA
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  morning clouds
everywhere i turn
the bush warbler's song

space Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian – Nigeria
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    a piece of sky
flutters down – blue jay
in the pine

space Blaise Laramee – USA
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scattered showers
the birth and death
of rainbows

space David J Kelly – Ireland
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  a bunch of crayons –
each child with a different

space Sanjuktaa Asopa – India
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    the noon bell
mother osprey brings
a fish to the nest

space Nola Obee – Canada
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gentle rain a ripple runs along the foal's flank

space André Surridge – New Zealand
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  running from rain
its first tap
on my shoulder

space Adjei Agyei-Baah – Ghana
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    flash floods –
all over the streets
white swans

space Ana Drobot – Romania
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the centuries-old fortress wall
Bressingham Pink

space Carl Seguiban – Canada
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  half-closed tulip –
the beautiful words
dangerous to say

space Nicholas Klacsanzky – Ukraine
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    string of jasmine ...
the day unfolds
petal by petal

space Vandana Parashar – India
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