A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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page 4   

spring snow –
still more layers
to the onion I peel

space Ana Drobot – Romania
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  snow melt ...
Gran sips ice cream
in her heated bed

space David He – China
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jamming the river's mouth …
spring break-up

space Louisa Howerow – Canada
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blinking it
back into focus …
plum blossom moon

space Julie Warther – USA
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  almond blossoms –
from petal to petal
silk moon

space Steliana Cristina Voicu – Romania
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    blossom moon ...
a silver-haired couple
renew their vows

space Rebecca Drouilhet – USA
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windows down
... petals
streamed live

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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  bright green leaf
a new season

space Michael Moule – Sweden
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    spring enough
the streak of green
in a young girl's hair

space Rick Tarquinio – USA
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poet's moon
in the sway of its brilliance
a sprouting seed

space Madhuri Pillai – Australia
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  booking a massage …
rain-soft earth around
the seedling’s roots

space Nathalie Buckland – Australia
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    skeins of mist …
I wind a memory
from mother’s hands

space Claire Everett – UK
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walking in the mist
a giant oak appears
on the mountain path

space Simon Hanson – Australia
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  mountain train –
climbing through mist
mynah calls

space Ramesh Anand – India
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    returning swallows
the rhythm
of a healthy planet

space Don Miller – USA
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