A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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I am Charlie
the flag and my heart
at half-mast

space Minh-Triêt Pham – France
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  the pictures
on my lids
– minute of silence

space Helga Stania – Switzerland
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unable to see
what comes next

space David J Kelly – Ireland
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quake-destroyed shrine
a raven on the stone Tara
questioning the dusk

space Sonam Chhoki – Bhutan
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  his faith
in the earth
… ant expert

space Peter Newton – USA
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    broken bottles
by the church yard fence …
the blue hour

space Mark E. Brager – USA
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waiting for death I miss the bus

space Bob Lucky – Saudi Arabia
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  furrowed cloud
the Manly ferry ploughs
Sydney harbour

space Gavin Austin – Australia
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the cab driver's eyes
don't light up

space Peter Newton – USA
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debate night
one dog barks
then another

space Bill Cooper – USA
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  prickly pear
the pointed rise
of Hesperus

space Matthew Caretti – USA
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the embrace
of a past lover

space Mike Schoenburg – USA
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differential equations after the breakup

space Deborah P Kolodji – USA
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  lane swimming at the deep end an abacus

space Maeve O'Sullivan – Ireland
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the slow night swagger
of skunks

space Marianne Paul – Canada
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