A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

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a quiet mind
   the unstudied attitude of

space Paul Geiger – USA
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  calling into my dream morning birds

space Joseph Salvatore Aversano – Turkey
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    singing bowl …
the dawn shape-shifts
into aum

space Paresh Tiwari – India
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you hear a door shut
& a few words
from outer space

space John Martone – USA
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of the last note
brown rice tea

space Carolyn Hall – USA
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the pilgrimage
soft shoes

space Michael Moule –Sweden
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motorbike revving up buried memories

space Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy – UK
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  roadside memorial
teddy bears climb
the trees

space Rose van Son – Australia
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    driving to work
… less and less each day
the dead squirrel

space Keith Woodruff – USA
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roadtrip to the west –
every dawn we chase
our shadows

space Dawood Ahmad – Pakistan
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  cease fire open fire chicken wire fence

space Joseph Salvatore Aversano – Turkey
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    curfewed silence ...
the wingspan
of a military jet

space Yesha Shah – India
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Mekong Delta –
on my foot a dragonfly
... first contact

space Christiane Ranieri – France
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  refugee haven
the dead flies between
the double windows

space George Swede – Canada
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    between tank tracks
and a spring flower

space Michael Moule – Sweden
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