A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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still alive
for another birthday
a man with a crooked smile
stares me down
from the mirror

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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  waking dream …
among strangers in a crowd
I find myself
looking down on my double
his eyes closed beyond sleep

space Rodney Williams - Australia
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    Orion’s reach ...
no way to evade
the iron cold
his sword testing my mettle
these long winter nights

space Autumn Noelle Hall - USA
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I would like
my coffin to be
a cocoon
in time, I would emerge
and take to the sky

space Joy McCall - England
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  Such happiness
merely from recycling half
a box of papers
a few inches closer
to a clean farewell

space J. Zimmerman - USA
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    the last
of his hunting buddies
laid to rest …
an old man waits at moonset
for the buck’s white flag

space Jenny Ward Angyal - USA
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