A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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Hot Pakoras

steady drizzle . . .
people gather around
hot pakoras*

- Azade

a little boy serves chai
getting drenched

- Tanvi

crisscross ghats
run miles and miles
along the west coast

- Maitreya

the rising sun forms
a halo above the forest

- Kripa

sleeping animals
are woken by a wolf
howling at the moon

- Rohan

how trees sway against
the crunching of leaves

- Bhumika

your laugh
softer than my heartbeat
when I walk with you

- Palvi

my day still begins
and ends with him

- Naihan

on the wind
feathery bristles
of a dandelion

- Astha

flying through the air
the kites paint the sky

- Rohan

a river
channels its way through
the Watergate

- Pranav

withered branches
wait for new beginnings

- Palvi

* Pakora - pronounced [pəkoʊɽaː], also called pakodi, is a fried snack (fritter).Originally from India, it is found across South Asia.



Azade Aria – vs 1
Tanvi Shah – vs 2
Maitreya Rolba – vs 3
Kripa Anand – vs 4
Rohan Das – vs 5 & 10
Bhumika Pravin – vs 6
Palvi Angne – vs 7 & 12
Naihan Nath – vs 8
Astha Dadhich – vs 9
Pranav Chheda – vs 11

Hot Pakoras, a junicho compose by the Students of the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, was written during class hours, after a brief introduction to collaborative linked verse the importance of ‘link and shift’ that is so intrinsic and vital to renku.

We started this junicho on 18th August and finished it in 4 sessions of two hours each on 27th August. It was a satisfying experience all around.

Kala Ramesh, sabaki.    

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