A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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Shallow Puddles

rubber boots-
my feet search
for shallow puddles

- Rohan

the ball he kicked
still spins

- Pranav

the winter moon
seems larger
through an open window

- Palvi

she is blind
and he drinks her salty tea

- Paranjay

no matter the years
they enjoy watching sparrows
pick rice

- Palvi

the last bark
echoes through time

- Pranav

the avenue
coloured with petals
of the first blossom

- Rohan

city lights
settle into the skyline

- Naihan


Shallow Puddles was completed in a two hour session during class hours.


Rohan Das – vs 1 & 7
Pranav Chheda – vs 2 & 6
Palvi Angne – vs 3 & 5
Paranjay Agarwal – vs 4
Naihan Nath – vs 8



peacock's call
poorly imitated by street boys—

- Bhumika

a dog looks up
and goes back to sleep

- Kripa

yawning wide
I sip hot coco while
watching the moon

- Azade

on the next table
a couple on their date

- Dhruvi

while raking red leaves
he still teases her
about his first win

- Astha

in a ghost town
traffic lights turn green

- Kripa

the birds and bees
now circling
their teenage grandchildren

- Bhumika

my windows open
to too many cherry blossoms

- Kripa



Bhumika Pravin – vs 1 & 7
Kripa Anand – vs 2,6 & 8
Azade Aria – vs 3
Dhruvi Lakhani – vs 4
Astha Dadhich – vs 5

Rasika Schema:

hokku - monsoon
wakiku – ns
daisan – winter moon
4th short – ns lv
5th long – au lv
6th short – ns
7 long – spring blossom /sp
8 ageku – ns / spring blossom

*Rasika: an eight verse renku form created by Kala Ramesh

The students of Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune, India, were taught renku. After getting a feel of it in junicho, in which special emphasis was given to “link and shift” that is so vital to renku, we moved on to rasika.

Giving them the same schema, I divided the class into two groups and both the groups tried their hand at ‘rasika’. The speed at which the verses flowed showed that students enjoy collaborative linked poetry! The focus was to see students interact and share their knowledge and sensibilities that they had gained during the hours they spent in haiku and renku.

Kala Ramesh, sabaki.    

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