A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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not to be on the safe side

space Helen Buckingham – UK
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  ocean's stretch –
fading into nothingness
a gull's cry

space Kashinath Karmakar – India
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    after seagulls’ screams
the peaceful roar
of traffic

space Geoffrey Winch – UK
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rose painted lamp –
a tiny moth's shadow

space Robyn Cairns – Australia
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  open-air cinema
marilyn's left eyebrow
a gum moth

space Marietta McGregor – Australia
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    fair weather ...
a merry-go-round
of moths

space Brad Bennett – USA
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street fair
a toddler unwinds
from his cotton candy

space Ken Olson – USA
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  gossamer the length of a dream

space Shloka Shankar – India
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    circus train
one town blends
into another

space Johnny Baranski – USA
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restless night
on the garage door
a gecko's eyes

space Ian Willey – Japan
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  pre-dawn thunder
my plans for the day
not yet made

space Bob Lucky – Saudi Arabia
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a squabble of crows
in the larch

space Debbie Strange – Canada
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storm surge
the depths of the sea
in surround sound

space Michael Henry Lee – USA
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  between thunderstorms –
just the wind strumming
the green tops of timothy

space Wally Swist – USA
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    Gulf storm
in the stairwell

space Susan Beall Summers – USA
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