A Hundred Gourds 5:1 December 2015

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Peter Butler - UK

Did You Say You Like Me?

sun glare piercing the trees
a broken bottle
briefly beautiful

Did you say you like me? Is that all?

Liking is ketchup on fries, worn jumpers, silence at the breakfast table, unfinished crosswords, occasional parting of the clouds, getting home for meals on laps, and switching on a ‘soap opera’ that’s run out of plot.

Loving – I am advised – is Bollinger on ice, fois gras and oysters, torpedoing your wardrobe for a party night out, eighty on the motorway in an open - top, igniting stars and setting benches ablaze with
passion, skipping home half-dressed on a breeze in the small hours.

But now you tell me it goes the way of debt, discord, boredom, envy, avarice, acrimony, tuition fees, delinquent kids, restraining orders, jealousy, Desdemona and Othello and early graves.

Did you say you like me? That’ll do.

just the two
each with a stick
kissing in sepia

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