A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 11   

the wind
full of darkness
whitens the waves

space John Rowlands – Wales
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of a neighbor’s sax …
the dying wind

space Jo Balistreri – USA
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    star trail the blink of an eye

space Don Baird – USA
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deep breaths the distance of a falling star

space Joshua Eric Williams – USA
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  Night of falling stars
the things that could
never happen

space Patrick Sweeney – Japan
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    travelling alone
star after star
in the same direction

space Irena Szewczyk – Poland
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stars emerging here and there gleam of gator eyes

space Ferris Gilli – USA
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  faint thunder
the Big Dipper’s bottom

space Paul MacNeil – USA
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    night shift
the Port-O-Let flooded
with moonlight

space John Sullivan – USA
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persimmon juice
sticky on my fingers
autumn equinox

space Leanne Mumford – Australia
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  apart     a part     ney's song1

space Joseph Salvatore Aversano – Turkey
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    brittle grass
nothing left
to give

space Elizabeth Steinglass – USA
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vintage air show
a covey of pheasants

space Claire Everett – UK
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  sherwood forest
under the flicker's wings
a flash of gold

space Carmen Sterba – USA
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    park locked at sunset
a moon climbs
over the railings

space Elaine Riddell – New Zealand
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     1. In tribute to Rumi's celebrated lines about the ney flute crying out for the reed bed from which it was cut.

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