A Hundred Gourds 4:4 September 2015

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page 7   

one small life
the ballistic arc
of a frog’s leap

space Jay Friedenberg – USA
spacer brush

  ripples in the rock
must’ve been
         some frog

space Duncan Richardson – Australia
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    a bullfrog
between lily pads
rocking stars

space Sandi Pray – USA
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in a tender night
croaks and insomnia
squeeze through the window

space Nina Kovačić – Croatia
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  one earrr
the otherrr

space Bob Moyer – USA
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    barn owl in the headlights …
for the first time
the Southern Cross

space Allan Burns – USA
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summer sunset smokes on the fire escape

space Bill Deegan – USA
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  earth tremor
the beats from my neighbour’s
woofer in my chest

space Barnabas Ikeoluwa Adeleke – Nigeria
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    stunned silence
after the earthquake
flies and more flies

space Ayaz Daryl Nielsen – USA
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Sunrise –
a skein of light
spun by a spider

space Vidya S Venkatramani – India
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  worry, spider
I have children

space Tash Adams – Australia
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    half moon
the slow embrace
of an orb web

space Bill Cooper – USA
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summer offering –
the heat haze
of butter lamps

space Sonam Chhoki – Bhutan
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  long days …
the koel's song
getting shorter

space Kanchan Chatterjee – India
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    children hiding …
the rosemary's scent
released into twilight

space Ferris Gilli – USA
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