A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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page 8    

our exhalation of breath
on Cosmic waters
– the ripples are there
before the stone is cast

space Autumn Noelle Hall - USA
spacer brush

  an eye
for an eye in revenge –
for a stone hurled
the tree offers a fruit

space Kumarendra Mallick - India
spacer brush

    long arms
of a rising moon
point east
has enough time passed
for you to forgive me

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
spacer brush

the thumbprints
on forgotten things …
another year
of pretending that
they’re happy

space Shloka Shankar - India
spacer brush

  old buildings
smashed into piles of rubble
by a wrecker’s ball
there’s no going back
to the way things were

space Thelma Mariano - Canada
spacer brush

    auburn sun
in a smoky sky …
how many bridges
will I burn
before I cross?

space Gracy D'Souza - UK
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