a wattle seedpod
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a wattle seedpod

By lorin ford.
ISBN: 978-1921214-34-9
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Lorin Ford's imagery takes me right smack dab to her native Australia. Brilliantly inviting, a wattle seedpod offers close-up looks at small yet crucial events. She moves easily between human and natural worlds, most often seamlessly blending the two in an ideal haiku balance. Naturalist and poet, she takes me to a place where day-to-day existence can be as harsh and dangerous as it is rewarding. The beauty and utter realness of her work quite take my breath away.

Ferris Gilli, associate editor, The Heron's Nest

A lively and engaging collection. Written sometimes with humour - always with sensitivity – these haiku reflect the fine detail of Australian rural and urban images. a wattle seedpod makes a positive contribution to contemporary Australian poetry.

Beverley George, President, Australian Haiku Society

Lorin Ford is a poet with a gift for precision. She brings her skill with language, keen insight and poetic sensibility to these cameos of vividly-recalled moments. The effect can be likened to a seedpod bursting open, potent with life and energy. a wattle seedpod, her first haiku collection, is one to be savoured for its richness, variety and depth.

Lyn Reeves, haiku editor, Famous Reporter

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rain shadow
the kitchen tap's
drip ... drip ...

cicada husk ...
also clinging
to a straw

lunar eclipse
a moth taps circles
on the ceiling

look, the first
sasanqua camellia!
the cat's pink yawn