A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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page 16  

Joan Zimmerman - USA


first rainbow
another year to seek
that pot of gold

Before everyone else I reach the wrecked galleon settled on the seabed, its gold statues and masks strewn among coral and rock. I enter its skeleton like a scavenger angel or a messenger for Hades, flying slowly between the ribs of the ship, over the ribs of men. Long ago, each man's body flowed in its armor of muscles and skin, until the man drifted through the door of unending dreams.

Looking back at my companions, I gesture fingertips down my cheeks in an ironic mirage of tears. If we'd brought a flag it would show one of these skulls, two of these long leg bones. With so many pearls, so much plunder piled under my flighty feet, I'm a heroine in my homeland, a woman who raids the sea. For my sake, the waves and winds of the past planted this harvest. All I need to do is fall and take.

to the end of the ocean
the sickle moon

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