A Hundred Gourds 4:3 June 2015

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Lynn Edge - USA

The Neighbor

My son is named for rancher who lives down the road. Even though he raises Quarter Horses and I have Arabians, we talk about them when we meet by chance in town. As the sky lightens in the east, I let my dog out, and while I stand wrapped in my fleece robe at the door, for a moment I believe he might drive by.

scattered ashes
in the autumn grass—
horses running free

Small Town Highlights

I am so tired of seeing people cut up on TV shows that I stoop to watch The Bachelor. He is from a town in Iowa, pop. 400. Last night the girls visited his hometown. Finally a place that looks even more boring than Tivoli, pop. 300.

crisp autumn night
icicle lights illuminate
the taco stand

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