A Hundred Gourds 3:4 September 2014

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page 11    

nut-brown girls
in shorts and tee shirts
playing hopscotch
     so few are the days
     before growing up

space Adelaide B. Shaw - USA
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  who was she
that gypsy flower
who left the taste
of strawberries
on my tongue

space Johnny Baranski - USA
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    interlocking rings
on the anniversary cake
she remembers
the whirl of their prom dance
the circle of their arms

space Thomas H. Chockley - USA
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I’ve stayed too long
to think of leaving
thirty-eight years
isn’t time enough
to study the stars

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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  Old Man's Beard
seeding freely on the wind …
how can one
so open with his feelings
stop his ears to mine?

space Claire Everett - UK
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    easily drawn
into the stillness
between stars …
I look for those spaces
within me

space Kala Ramesh - India
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