A Hundred Gourds 3:4 September 2014

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page 5    

India ink ...
chances of a clear day
looking sketchy
a songbird picks the fragments
of the day's notes

space Laura Williams - USA
spacer brush

  in the mist
geese shadows
there’s no end
to this loneliness

space Tim Gardiner - England
spacer brush

    a solitary kite
in the twilight sky
dusk deepens
unfolding the heaviness
of her long loneliness

space Pravat Kumar Padhy - India
spacer brush

rain all day
and into the night –
things we did,
things we’ll never do
together again

space Laszlo Slomovits - USA
spacer brush

  the moon
straying into my night
like a lost lover
stirs in me again
long-silenced caws

space Alegria Imperial - Canada
spacer brush

    sleepless again,
looking at water stains
on the ceiling
I hug my loneliness
like an eyeless doll

space Chen-ou Liu - Canada
spacer brush

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