A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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Orion Nebula
poppy red
a star's susurrus

unfolding at the lee side
where stone loosens its hardness

she draws
the uprooted tree
on rice paper

so long, Marianne... softly
swings a spider web

facebook app
none of his friends
he knows in person

defying the cold
until asylum will be granted

Where flames a word...*
to remove
the trace of salt

in the recovery room
Minotaur fights with me

all kinds of dependencies
between was and will be

harmonize the qi
where the sea's soughing

with banners and flags
they demonstrate against
the central government

wrapped in blankets of smog
the Eiffel Tower

during a botox-party
about Alzheimer's

we plough the field
of our dreams

heaven's laughter
inside the lotus flower

perhaps forever unsolved
who torched the disco

Salvador Dali:
The Burning Giraffe ...
Pondering silence

from stalactites
always the same trickle

Ramona Linke (Germany)
Helga Stania (Switzerland)


*Paul Celan, The Word
hokku-Ramona [gendai]
wakiku-Helga [gendai]
daisan-Ramona [shasei]
#4-Helga [cultural – music]
#5 Ramona [cultural – social facilities]
#6-Helga [cultural – politics]
#7-Helga [cultural – poetry]
#8-Ramona [gendai]
#9-Helga [gendai]
#10-Ramona [shasei]
#11-Helga [cultural – politics]
#12-Ramona [cultural- architecture]
#13-Ramona [shasei]
#14-Helga [gendai]
#15-Ramona [gendai]
#16-Helga [shasei]
#17-Ramona [cultural – fine art]
ageku-Helga [shasei]

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