A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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after church bells december frogs

space Robert Epstein - USA
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  Christmas Eve
a star
among satellites

space Peter Newton - USA
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    day after Christmas
the magic
already melting

space Rachel Sutcliffe - UK
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snow day
catching a new episode
of an old tv show

space Ben Moeller-Gaa - USA
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space Ben Moeller-Gaa - USA
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    New Year’s day –
I take my gym kit out
for a drive

space Lew Watts - USA
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old pond –
when figure-eights
seemed like infinity

space Ann Magyar - USA
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  walking on ice …
my full attention
to the moment

space Stella Pierides - Germany
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    the wolf's song –
cloud shadows move
across the snow

space Melissa Watkins Starr - USA
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a few grains of rice
still left in the vessel –
winter stars

space Sanjuktaa Asopa - India
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  breaking the rhythm of a faucet drip daybreak

space Carl Seguiban - Canada
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    rusted wire
where turtles once hatched …
dark winter sea

space Ferris Gilli - USA
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new moon –
candle wax finds
the saucer's edge

space Theresa A. Cancro – USA
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  white camellias
the scent of Buson
in my garden

space Bruce H. Feingold - USA
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