A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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gamelan workshop
the politician
takes off his eyeglasses

space Ken Sawitri - Indonesia
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  and just as suddenly
the birdsong

space Carolyn Hall - USA
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    Noisy agenda
in my neighbor’s tree
a congress of crows

space Bruce England - USA
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Chicago hot dog
a taste of my childhood
in the mustard

space Mel Goldberg - Mexico
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  kaiseki meal
first course served
on an autumn moon

space Bruce H. Feingold - USA
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    the weight I swore
I'd never gain again
full moon

space Dave Read - Canada
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in excess of the poor harvest moon

space Michael Henry Lee - USA
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a windmill slicing
the blood moon

space Meik Blöttenberger - USA
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    sea of tranquility
my view obscured
by passing geese

space Tracy Davidson - UK
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honking geese –
a raven's silent glide
into nothingness

space Arvinder Kaur - India
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  autumn beach
white gulls mimic
our laughter

space Matthew Caretti - USA
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    dry grass bends
under the wind
an eagle’s cry

space Joanna M. Weston - Canada
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geese returning
I thumb through
old manuscripts

space Angela Leuck - Canada
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  autumn storm
thoughts letting go
their last words

space George Swede - Canada
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    Communion Sunday
a crow brings bread scraps
to the water trough

space Ferris Gilli - USA
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