A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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spring begins ...
each mango ripe
with promises

space Gautam Nadkarni - India
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  tulip festival –
we talk about everything
except the flowers

space Michael Dylan Welch - USA
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    first trip to Europe
lambs and forsythia
eclipse the castle

space Nola Obee - Canada
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dandelion clock
the time it takes
to fall in love

space Elmedin Kadric - Sweden
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  spring breeze
tiny fingertips hold up
her first white frangipani

space Ken Sawitri - Indonesia
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    super soap bubbles
my son slips
out of his teens

space G.R. LeBlanc - Canada
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spring garden
comparing age spots
in silence

space Liz Nakazawa - USA
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  two steps
in her zimmer
... once queen of the jive

space John McDonald - Scotland
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into dusk …
the lilacs

space Debra Fox - USA
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blackbird’s song
her eyes one shade darker
than the dusk

space Ernest Wit - Poland
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  twilight mist and all the hills I left behind

space Thomas Powell - N. Ireland
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    thick mist
the sound of a cow bell
leaving the shed

space Jayashree Maniyil - Australia
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overcast day
the gathering weight
of her diagnosis

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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  another grey day
she cleans the clouds
at her window

space Rachel Sutcliffe - UK
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    spring cleaning
no space left
for grief

space Els van Leeuwen - Australia
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