A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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Ray Rasmussen - Canada

The Agony & the Angst (or Tending the Haibun Garden)

Yet another submission. Sigh!

What will I find? A gem whose inner light makes my screen glow? A good-as-usual story by an established writer? A writer new to haibun who comes from a free verse background – good prose poetry, but coupled with a misunderstanding of haiku? A missive from a new-to-haibun writer who thinks he or she has found a form suitable for placement in a bottle soon to be cast by us into the Internet sea?

mowing the lawn
dandelions sprout
multiple heads

And what will happen with my response – Accept, Suggest Revisions, Reject –accompanied by whatever psychological power with which the writer has endowed me, the me who signs himself as “haibun editor?” If I accept the piece, it’s clear there will be a ‘feel good’ moment. If I reject the piece, will the writer become discouraged? And if I make suggestions, will the writer simply cave into them? It’s what I’m tempted to do when an editor makes suggestions about my poems.

yard work –
a little pine growing
in the wrong place

tree pruning –
the apple’s branches
a tangle

How do I dare to comment on the work and hopes of others? Yet who else will do it? If no one volunteers, then where will be the places to show the writing? And how would we writers feel, not having places to share our voices? Would any of us keep writing?

national garden day –
visitors prefer
this or that flower

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