A Hundred Gourds 4:2 March 2015

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Kala Ramesh - India


One morning Amma declares,“I'm opting for yoga! The Yellow Pages suggest a teacher who sounds good”. “You trust the Yellow Pages for a yoga teacher, Ma, have you gone bonkers?” we all scream. “This young woman, meaning my guru is coming home shortly, so mind your tone” Amma warns us.

With rising curiosity we assemble in the hall, a few minutes before time, something unusual for our family. Let me explain a little: Amma’s back has been troubling her a lot for the last two years. We’d tried all kinds of treatments, allopathy, auyurveda, homeopathy to naturopathy and shrugged our shoulders, feeling helpless.

Savitri arrives, her air of enthusiasm so infectious it easily gets transferred to Amma's eyes. Pulling out two yoga mats from a cotton bag she spreads her smile benevolently amongst all of us. Amma's full of expectations — why not, for Savitri had promised, “I’ll fix your back, soon” isn't it? Six months into yoga mother walks around like a yogini, poise and grace in her every movement.Mornings that usually began with prayers to Shiva and Goddess Devi now reverberate with sarvangaasan and padmaasan.

Gradually we fall into step; hoping one of us would soon become our guru’s foremost student . . . all for that smile.

alone with birds
the path seems like
no path at all
. . . I walk along with
bated breath

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