A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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page 6    

a gypsy wind
strumming halyards
in the marina
we dance by the light
of a tambourine moon

space Debbie Strange - Canada
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  a white crane soaring
above a simple pine bow …
how easily
she casts aside my gift
of concentrated effort

space Julie B. Cain - USA
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    I will not answer
your simplest
it’s hard to judge
a wilting rose

space Mike Montreuil - Canada
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a jaundiced moon
looks down upon me tonight ...
when will I
stop comparing myself
to the others?

space Shloka Shankar - India
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  walking along
a disused railway line
the memory
of a past life
tied to the tracks

space Tracy Davidson - UK
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    across the valley
New Year fireworks boom –
here, in the stillness
an owl hoots softly four times
and then again, and again

space Sally Biggar - USA
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