A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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page 15   

overnight snow
our snow fort

space Michele L. Harvey - USA
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  morning snow
the day fills up with

space Ann K. Schwader - USA
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    snowbells –
finding silence
in the music

space Elizabeth Steinglass - USA
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a sediment
in the decanter
long night moon

space Polona Oblak - Slovenia
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  FedEx truck
for the neighbor again
shortest day

space Deborah P Kolodji - USA
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    Christmas Еve
the euphorbia brighter
than the Bethlehem star

space Diana Teneva - Bulgaria
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outside the pub
the obscene snowman
endowed with a robin

space Richard Tindall - UK
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the whiskey battles
the wind

space Amada Burgar - USA
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    winter's dusk
my mother stops reading
my lips

space Louisa Howerow - Canada
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dark of winter
and what on earth becomes
of consciousness

space Thomas Powell - N. Ireland
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  first footer ...
a cold blast punches me
on the shoulder

space Helen Buckingham - UK
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    winter dark
the cart
with the wobbly wheel

space Patrick Sweeney - Japan
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deep winter ...
the kitten
curls into my dream

space Julie B. Cain - USA
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  ice storm
you rehash
my past

space Laurie Kolp - USA
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    late winter
a clock with no hands

space Liz Nakazawa - USA
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