A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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page 10   

a village
with the smell of muck
I feel organic

space Ernest Wit - Poland
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the double life
of the lone willow

space Magdalena Banaszkiewicz - Poland
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    lost in the valley
listening for the river
to guide us home

space Rachel Sutcliffe - UK
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in the hollow
of her trembling palm ...
a barbet's shadow

space Paresh Tiwari - India
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through the target
shadow boxer

space Dave Read - Canada
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    veterans day
each man's war on his
baseball cap

space Joe McKeon - USA
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my plans, my dreams
starlings darken
the summer sky

space Ernest Wit - Poland
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  a slug
blazing its trail
the late summer sun

space Ben Moeller-Gaa - USA
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    evening glow
the security door
propped open

space Els van Leeuwen - Australia
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late summer
a monarch flickers
out of view

space G.R. LeBlanc - Canada
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  sparrows the whole day in my neighbor’s yard

space Djurdja Vukelic Rozic - Croatia
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    summer’s end
a tree sparrow chirps
too fast

space Angelo B. Ancheta - Philippines
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day lilies
line the way –
cemetery gates

space Mary Frederick Ahearn - USA
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flies outnumber

space LeRoy Gorman - Canada
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    fallen headstone
rabbits mark
their own plot

space Tessa Essex - UK
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