A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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page 9   

between us a walkway of rain clouds

space Payal A Agarwal - India
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  flood plain
a raincloud releases
one drop

space Cynthia Rowe - Australia
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    mountain walk –
in my pot of water
the rising sun

space Archana Kapoor Nagpal - India
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Rocky Mountain sunset
half the continent
in darkness

space Gregory Longenecker - USA
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  midges in and out of my journey north

space Richard Tindall - UK
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    new glasses
and still

spaceJeff Hoagland - USA
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its shadow
faster than the hummingbird
summer heat

space Bruce Ross - USA
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  cumulus bulking …
one of the shrub's leaves
is a katydid

space Allan Burns - USA
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    watermelon month
the second violinist's
ripening belly

space J. Zimmerman - USA
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fireflies the flicker of dying stars

space Carl Seguiban - Canada
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with a leaf

space Angelo B. Ancheta - Philippines
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    genmai sencha
the texture of a page
grazed by sunlight

space Jonathan McKeown - Australia
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where the light
could pull us
river song

space Angela Terry - USA
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a curl flies loose
from her ponytail

space Alan S. Bridges - USA
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    oars coming to rest
the half turn
of a lily

space Bill Cooper - USA
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