A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014

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how fast i'm not summer clouds

space Bruce H. Feingold - USA
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  slack tide sea lettuce on the mooring chain

space Simon Hanson - Australia
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    Mexican holiday
the fisherman's line
bends with his finger

space Marian Olson - USA
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childhood beach
I take an old path
through the waves

space Richard Tindall - UK
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  driftwood ...
the sound of water
following me

space Jayashree Maniyil - Australia
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    spilling over
over and over
the waterfall

space Alison Williams - UK
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the upside down hourglass
again I build
the sandcastle

space Magdalena Banaszkiewicz - Poland
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  sandpit games ...
the sun passes by

space Jayashree Maniyil - Australia
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    red sun
the tide takes the last
sand angel

space Mark E. Brager - USA
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hot evening
our talk revolves
around the sun

space Gautam Nadkarni - India
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  desires flicker
on the tips of my fingers
summer stars

space Victor Ortiz - USA
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    humid night
curling the edge
of a paper moon

space Mark E. Brager - USA
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rising thunderheads
the blazing white
of the skunk’s long stripe

space Lesley Anne Swanson - USA
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my father’s
last breath

space Elizabeth Moura - USA
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    another memorial
the dandelion field
of white heads

space Michelle Schaefer - USA
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